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The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy is not a perfect book.  In places; however, it comes pretty damn close.

He came forward and hazed the animals up out of the river.  They clambered out along the gravel shore and blew and craned their necks.  The old man turned, his stick on one shoulder.

Esta lejoj de su casa? he said.

The boy said that he had no home.

The old man’s face grew troubled.  He said that the boy must have a home but the boy said that he did not.  The old man said that there was a place for everyone in the world and that he would pray for the boy.  Then he drove the oxen out through the willows and the sycamore wood in the new dusk and was soon gone from sight.

A nearly perfect song from Kris Kristofferson:

Listen:  https://toomuchidiotwind.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/1-01-sunday-mornin-comin-down.mp3

Download:  Sunday Morning Coming Down


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