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Sitting in the corner of a hilltop park
in Eugene, Oregon I am writing this poem for you.
The sun is setting in my eyes, the wind
is speeding across my face and through
my hair, dogs are barking at a siren
wailing in the distance, signaling that someone
is in trouble.

Sitting diagonally from me is a young woman
by herself, wearing a red shirt and blue shorts.
She is writing a poem for you.
The sun, the wind, the dogs, and the siren
are part of her poem too.
I am not sure if she’s in trouble.

As I write about her
She writes about me.

You might be sitting at a campfire in
The Olympic National Forest
reading this poem about a woman writing
as she watches the sun set over Eugene.
And if it’s cold
You might begin to feel warm
And if you’re alone
You might begin to feel less lonely.

As You read about her
They read about me.

Somewhere, perhaps on a farm in Massachusetts, sits a
person at a desk, in a study, early in the
in the morning reading a poem about a sun
setting, a cool wind blowing, some dogs barking,
a siren wailing and a young man
wearing a white shirt with black shorts
sitting next to his dog, writing.

Everywhere dogs are barking, winds are
blowing, suns are setting, sirens are
wailing; being written into new poems
Reminding us all.

Listen to:  Sea Of Heartbreak (Feat. Bruce Springsteen) by Rosanne Cash


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